Youth Video Contest Submissions!

Public voting is now closed.  Submissions are still available for public viewing below. Enjoy and thank you to everyone who submitted a video and voted.

All You Need is Love

*Third place*

Submitted by: Windermere Life Skills Class: 12 students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities
and Windermere Senior Choir comprised of Grade 11/12 students, and Winderemere Band Students.

Description : A video taken of the Windermere Winter Concert in December 2012. The opening is the speech given by Tamara Maxim, Life Skills Teacher at Windermere. Following is a performance of The Beatles, “All You Need is Love” . Students with significant intellectual disabilities are performing with Grade 11/12 Choir students and band memebers. Some of the Life Skills students are non-verbal and all have never been included in a performance such as this before.

Special Contributions:
Don Hardy – Music Therapist who worked with the Life Skills class
Andrea Lee – Choir Director
Robin Holburn – Band Teacher
CKNW Orphan’s Fund for providing funding for music therapy.
Tamara Maxim – Life Skills Teacher
Windermere Secondary School students

Amelia’s Spyglass

Submitted by: Kael Vincent & Mackie Bryson-Bucci

Description : A girl who meets an unexpected friend who is dealing with similar issues.

Special Contributions: Templeton Secondary School, Dream Big Productions

An Unexpected Lesson

*First Place*

Submitted by: Christopher Fong

Description: A story about a high school student that stands up for a janitor and learns a lesson. “When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.” – Dalai Lama

Special thanks: Mr. Griffiths (high school teacher)

Easy Secret

*Second Place*

Submitted by: Grace Lam, Carol Ho, Joanna Lim

Description : Domestic abuse is a bigger threat than cancer, malaria, and traffic accidents combined. It’s also one of the quietest issues in society today. That’s why we worked to spread the word about domestic abuse and get help to those who need it. One in three women will experience domestic abuse in her lifetime. We started with Kate Booth House’s identity, a secret shelter in Vancouver with a 24 hour crisis line and childcare/school program. Domestic abuse doesn’t have to be physical: verbal abuse kills just as physical abuse does. Abuse is a cycle: victims are afraid to leave (for good reason: 60% of emergency room admittances from domestic abuse happen after the relationship has ended), or end up returning to their abusers. We want to spread the word and break the cycle. The more people who know about domestic abuse, the likelier that victims will receive the support that they need to start new lives. This is our journey.

Special thanks: Julia Woo, Vivian Lam

Reach Out

Submitted by: Linnea Ritland

Description : Being bullied often feels like a never ending cycle; helping to break that cycle by reaching out to someone being bullied can make all the difference.

Special Contributions: The voices of Vivian Zhou, Claire Mundy, Mark Heeney, Mark Howarth, Alannah Korf, Willis Peng, Amy Bao, Kolton Nowaczynski, Andrew Busto and Anika Douglas.

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