Past Youth Video Projects

Welcome Video
In the spring of 2012 a group of students working on Compassion Online decided to try making a welcome video for this website. We got some really great ideas going – although we didn’t end up finalizing a ‘professional’ video. You can check it out here and see how much fun we had that day.  Don’t laugh too hard – it’s just for fun.

Welcome Video (YouTube)

It Starts With Me
In the summer of 2012, youth hosted a free dialogue event to promote active witnessing against discrimination. Activities were hosted to inspire a change in our community, including an organized flash mob that took place at the Vancouver Public Library. Take a look at this flash mob tutorial that was choreographed by Frog Hollow’s talented twin dancers Colin and Nicolas.

Flash Mob Tutorial
It Starts With Me 2012 site

“It’s Like A Jungle Sometimes” is a play that played a big part in inspiring the creation of the Compassion Online project and website. It was created by youth from Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School in Vancouver in 2010. With help from their drama teacher, Heidi, this group of students wrote, created and performed this play with the aim of teaching younger students about cyberbullying.  This recording shows their performance at Vancouver Technical Secondary, which became the jumping-off point for the Compassion Online project. After viewing the play students felt inspired to change the trend of spreading hatred and bullying online by inspiring others to spread compassion online. There is no longer a video up for public viewing on the internet.