Violence Against Women

This past Sunday, November 25th was the annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Women and groups all over the world gather to raise awareness to protect women and their children from situations such as domestic violence, rape, assault, and more. Treat your mothers, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends, friends, neighbors, and any other females with respect and support them in halting violence against women.

Be compassionate about violence against women. Everyone has a responsibility and role in bring awareness and taking an action to protect the women in your lives. Reach out to men and women in your lives to acknowledge the harsh reality that is millions of women are being raped or sexually assaulted per minute in the world. Support and call out the men that you see are being unkind to women.

This summer an old friend of mine came to light about her involvement in an abusive relationship. I was in quite the shock after hearing that after 4.5 years of ignoring signs and gut instincts, there was no way to avoid what became a violent attack of physical and verbal abuse. Hearing about the bruises on her ribcage, the crying, the urge to run away but fear that he would get angry and hurt her again is the hardest thing to listen to. The two hour long story and sobbing session turned into a life lesson and awareness. After showing moral support and as much encouragement I could muster, she sat me down seriously and gave me life advice. As much as you may love a person, be aware of the signs of an abusive relationship. More importantly, don’t be afraid to walk out without looking back. She is strong, confident, and unashamed of letting the world know that she survived this and got out fast with the support of friends and family. I was grateful that she shared a very personal and life-changing story with me, and I felt even better that I was by her side at this time.

The elimination for violence against women is not a project that is only brought to light once a year. Groups all year round are contributing to the bigger picture. Get involved with local organizations, get educated, and show compassion.

Here are some resources to get you going:

Vancouver Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter:
We Can End All Violence Against Women BC:
Women Against Violence Against Women:


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