Your Right to Speak: Awareness on the UNCRC

In a previous post, we shared a PSA for the UN Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) made by students at Humber College in Ontario. Over the weeks Compassion Online has connected with their team to help you get to know a little bit more about their PSA, organization, goals, and how to get involved. If you are passionate about child rights, get to know a little bit more about Your Right to Speak.

Who are you and what is your organization’s objective?

We are Humber College students enrolled in the Child and Youth Care program. We are very passionate about child rights, specifically the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). In our first year Legislation course we were first introduced to the UNCRC. We both found that the lesson that day really connected to both of our personal life experiences. One of our objectives is to raise public awareness for the UNCRC, and we find that public awareness is important because there seems to be a trend of both adults and children being unaware of the convention. In order to break this pattern we feel education is essential. Our goal is to create an online community for child rights; A place where organizations, young people, and the general public can come together to share information, resources, and inspiration. Creating a space where individuals across Canada can come together to raise awareness.

How did you come about the idea of making a PSA to advocate children’s rights?

We personally hadn’t heard of any Canadian based UNCRC commercials. Upon realizing this we decided to set forth and create a PSA that both young people and the Canadian public would be able to connect with.

What was the process of making this PSA? And who supported you?

Making this PSA was a learning experience for all members involved. It has been a long process that has consisted of finding a director, creating a script, receiving approval from an actor’s union, and receiving approval from the Television Bureau of Canada. Throughout this process we received support from various sources. These ranged from the Ontario Provincial Advocates office, including the Provincial Advocate himself, the Humber Child and Youth Care program coordinator, the Legislation teacher from our first semester, as well as several faculties throughout Humber College. We also received support when registering the PSA from The Gatehouse and Justice for Children and Youth. These supporters were able to guide us through the process and provide advice in regards to the PSA content.

What is your next step in the fight for children’s rights?

The next step for us is to continue raising public awareness as well as further developing the online community. We are currently talking about opening up the discussion for next steps, and allowing the general public to inform us of what they would like to see done. We feel very strongly that the general public should have a say in how awareness is raised. At the end of the day all of the policies, awareness projects, and education tools affect everyone. It is with this in mind that we have decided all individuals should be given the opportunity to help guide us on the next steps of this journey. Everyone’s voice will guide our way.

How can people get involved and find more information?

Our hope is that the Facebook page and the PSA will inspire people and motivate them to look for opportunities and organizations where they are able to learn more about the CRC and child rights. This in turn will allow them to create their own awareness projects. We invite all individuals to use our page as a resource and a place where they can share information that is found throughout their journey as well. Creating this sharing community enables each and every one of us to work together as a whole, learn from a vast assortment of resources, and bridge the gap that is sometimes created in a country as large as Canada.


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