Teens React to Bullying via Social Media

In this generation of viral videos, it’s easy to be amused by kitten videos, science experiences, pop culture, music videos and more. Viral videos are a dynamic part of social culture, but what happens when you take a viral video and turn it back on the viewer? Amanda Todd’s video confession of her struggles with suicide and bullying turned questions back on society when we are forced to reflect the positive and also very negative effects of social media. The Fine Brothers are the creators of an internet video series called Teens or Kids React. On this special 100th episode (dated November 18th, 2012), teens of the very same age discover the shocking and miserable story of Amanda Todd.

While the world wide web is an oyster for freedom of creativity and speech, it is also a tool for inflicting harassment and cyber bullying. In this post by SOLOS (Safe Online Outreach Society), they are urging social media outlets to be more accountable and have more serious security and safety features.

For education and resources about online safety, check out http://www.safeonlineoutreach.com

The Fine Brothers and their work can be seen on their YouTube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/TheFineBros

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