Random Act of Kindness: NYPD Giving Boots to Homeless Man Viral Photo

Another news story about a generous act of kindness that goes a long way. A New York police officer was photographed by a woman who happened to be at the right place at the right time, donating a pair of brand new boots to a homeless man. The officer says he noticed the man from a distance with large calluses on his feet from walking barefoot. He then donated a pair of socks and warm boots to this man to have an easier time combating the aggressive New York winter.

A short while after the news about this homeless man went viral, many news outlets and others were on the hunt for this homeless man hoping to get a few words or lend him further help. An article by the Guardian highlights that while the intentions to help this man were positive, following them was unwanted fame and attention. A notable fact from later articles also states that this man was not exactly homeless as he was living in social housing in the Bronx. A short while after receiving his generous gift, he was found by a New York Times reporter walking the streets barefoot once more.

A story about a random act of kindness especially from a person of authority is definitely inspiring. While we are taught to be kind hearted and compassionate, we must also remember to be thoughtful towards those who want to accept our charity. Remember the consequences of our actions even when they are intended to be good.

A news story can be viewed here.
An article by the New York Times can be viewed here.
The mentioned article by the Guardian can be viewed here.


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