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Click to read: The Heart of Compassion

On our streets in Vancouver, we see beggars everywhere from Commercial Drive to the never sleeping roads of Hastings. When I see people asking me for money to buy beer or marijuana, I’m challenged to make the same debate about showing compassion. On one hand will my small pocket change go a long way and help them make it through another ordinary day? Or will I be enabling this individual to continue living day-by-day in the same street-begging fashion? I recently stumbled upon this blog written on the Kora Organics site by an Australian woman who’s made some changes to her ideas about compassion. She shares her encounter with a homeless man who begs on the street for money to satisfy a variety of addictions. She goes on to explain her thought process, and although she does not agree with some of his decisions, she is still able to show compassion for him. I applaud the writer for showing compassion without judgement or negativity, and sharing her thoughts with the world in an inspiring light.

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