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In June 2012, Premier Christy Clark announced the 10-point ERASE Bullying Strategy, the most comprehensive anti-bullying and threat assessment strategy in Canada. To date, significant progress has been made in implementing and advancing the strategy throughout B.C.

The 10 elements of B.C.’s ERASE Bullying Strategy announced in June include:

  • A five-year, multi-level training program for 15,000 educators and community partners to help them proactively identify and address threats.
  • New online tools, including a reporting tool for kids to report bullying anonymously.
  • Dedicated safe school co-ordinators in every school district.
  • Stronger codes of conduct for schools.
  • Provincial guidelines for threat assessments.
  • New online resources for parents.
  • Formal protocols to guide and co-ordinate the work of school and community partners.
  • A provincial advisory committee with representatives from police, school and social agency partners.
  • Focusing one of the existing six provincial teacher professional development days on antibullying.
  • Anti-bullying and threat assessment training for pre-service teachers.

To see the entire plan and how progress is coming along over BC’s 60 school districts, check out the recent update at the link below.

Visit their home base for links and resources at:
Anonymous bully reporting tool:
News about anti-bullying:

ERASE Bullying PSA

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