Collective Experiences of Discrimination (CED)

Collective Experiences of Discrimination (CED) is a youth-led organization with a goal of tackling discrimination. They are looking to address these issues by compiling stories and videos to add to their channel. Please send videos to : These videos will then be edited together into videos which will be posted on their Youtube channel.

Collective Experiences of Discrimination (CED)
What are we looking for? Discrimination is a vague term. Most of us understand this term as unfair treatment against an individual based on the “class” they belong to. A type of discrimination we see too often is bullying at school. We are starting our project by addressing bullying. So, we want stories from those who were bullied and those who were bullies. We not only want to hear the stories of the victims. There are stories by the offender that we may wish to hear from. Only when we have stories from both sides can we have a better chance at understanding bullying and making positive changes.

Please feel free to send in videos up to 10 minutes long. We understand that some people might be afraid to use their real name or show their faces. You may send in audio instead of a video and use an alias.

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