Canvas Art in Drive Youth Employment!

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In the spring of 2012 youth from Chief Maquinna Elementary and Vancouver Technical Secondary got together to explore the topic of compassion.  Then we created these artistic canvases to express our thoughts about compassion in our community.  Later this summer employees from Drive Youth Employment Services asked us to hang the art in their new offices on Commercial Drive in Vancouver.  We hope visitors to their site will be inspired by our canvases!

Olivia, gr. 7

Jessica, gr. 7

Duyen, gr. 10

Alan, gr. 7

Annie, gr. 5

Kris, gr. 5

Cindy, gr. 7

Molina, youth worker

Stephanie, gr. 12

Canvas Art in the Drive Youth Employment offices

Shirin from Drive Youth Employment Services with the artwork

 The plaque explaining our project!

One comment on “Canvas Art in Drive Youth Employment!

  1. Daniel Lee on said:

    Very cool work and inspiring art. I look forward to seeing more sumbissions!


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