BC’s New Anti-Bullying Bylaw

In response to unfortunate events spawned by the shock that was Amanda Todd’s death in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, the province has launched its first anti-bullying bylaw. This program hopes to provide resources and education to the bullies that need extra help. If you receive a bylaw notice for bullying, you could be fined or sent to an anti-bullying course.

Word travels quickly amongst young people these days. Bullying doesn’t only occur on playground brawls, but the quickest and sometimes most painful words travel via cyber bullying. How are officials going to keep up with the speed of instant messaging, Facebook, other passive aggressive behavior through technology and administer a ticket that is meant to end this attitude once and for all?

Do you agree that this method will be effective against bullying? If you were a teen, would a bylaw notice hinder you from taking action against another teen? Leave a comment or share your thoughts. I believe that the greatest defense we have against bullying is raising awareness. We can’t stop what words are said to us, but we can be the bigger person.

If you’d like to get involved with the anti-bullying campaign, visit www.iamsomeone.ca to donate or be apart of the Amanda Todd inspired Snowflake Walk.

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