Compassion Online is a youth-led project created in 2011 to combat cyber-bullying. Our goal is to address the negative things people do and say to each other online and to create a positive space online for young people to express their ideas. Over the last year, youth from Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House in Vancouver, Canada have participated in projects to explore cyber-bullying. Some of the work created from these projects is published on this site including photo-voice, drama, visual arts, and video. As we move this project from a mentorship afterschool program to this online format, we hope to continue to have rich discussion about how to use the internet as a tool for good. We also hope to inspire others to express their feelings about cyber-bullying and compassion online.

Please use this site as your home page for posting any ideas, images or links to things that inspire spreading compassion in our online and our off-line communities.